Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa dessert the old and in with the new

Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa has launched its new and most recent à la carte dessert menu, which turns retro classic desserts into modern masterpieces. The new desserts combine outstanding seasonal flavours with innovative cooking methods to inject humour and intrigue into the menu – the Head Pastry Chef, Lee O’Neill, has even incorporated cockney rhyming slang and his study of braille onto the plate.

The Hotel’s 2AA Rosette restaurant, Squires, open to both residents and non-residents, is known for taking classic British dishes and giving them a modern twist to provide diners with a unique dining experience.

Lee commented on the new menu: “Coming up with a new menu is probably any chef’s favourite part of what they do – it is when you have complete freedom to try, test and taste new flavour combinations and cooking techniques. Throughout the process of creating this menu I wanted to take classic dishes and give them a new lease of life. Being able to use things I have learnt outside of the kitchen, like braille, and include them in my dishes has been really rewarding – now I just hope the customers like the desserts as much as we do here at the Hotel!”


The new menu features six desserts:

  1. Blackberry Braille – a blackberry bavarois with cassis jelly on a fennel & ginger base, a lime and violet macaron, fresh blackberries, blackberry & liquorish sorbet, with Black Jack sweet flavoured braille that reads ‘Spring’
  2. Apple and Pears’ with ‘Rosie Lee’ gel – a vanilla parfait filled with Calvados caramel formed as an apple and robed in an apple gel to finish, served alongside a thyme poached pear filled with honey cremeux, a ginger staircase and a tea gel.
  3.  The Newmarket Gin Fondant – this dessert takes the botanical essences from The Newmarket Gin and turns it into a dessert of juniper infused chocolate fondant, white chocolate soil, Seville orange & horseradish sorbet, Devils Dyke orchid gel with the “Newmarket Stripe” racing colours in coulis.
  4.  Yuzu tart – an Asian-inspired take on the classic lemon meringue pie, using the sharp citrus Japanese yuzu fruit on a sweet pastry base, served with Italian meringue, blueberry and Thai basil gel with blueberry & ginger sorbet.
  5.  Terra “Cotta Pot”bringing the outdoors inside with a carrot, ginger & cumin infused panna cotta plant pot, strawberry ‘mushrooms’, chocolate & honeycomb soil with popping candy and cola jelly,  and a chocolate mousse and meringue snail.
  6.  Retro-Roll – a pistachio & cherry arctic roll which sits alongside pistachio and almond nougat, peach purée crisps and jelly, as well as white chocolate crumb.


Not only does the new menu offer a chocolate fondant based on gin, but Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa has also launched a special, one day only, gin cocktail menu in celebration of World Gin Day, which takes place on Saturday 10 June. Gin flights including Bombay Sapphire, Hendricks and The Newmarket Gin will also be served. For more information on opening times and to book a table, please call: 01638 663175.