Putting the service in foodservice

For Bidfood, great service goes beyond delivering boxes on time and at the right price. It’s a fundamental goal for our business and long-term journey to really transform the customer experience, especially as  customer expectations change over time. For us, the job is never done, and we’re constantly looking at how we can be the best.

At the start of the journey, of course, it is all about getting the basics right first- deliveries, product quality, value for money, communication about deliveries and out of stocks, and making that a seamless process. But then to really go above and beyond you need to understand a customer’s core needs and offer relevant additional services and extras that are tailored or make sense to them. True service excellence requires real engagement to help a customer get ahead in their business, to reward their loyalty and build the sort of true partnership that helps them evolve to become future fit.

RoastChickenHRWithin Bidfood, we’ve taken the step of making service excellence central to our company mission: to deliver service excellence, make life easier and help customers to grow, and our values: care, share and dare. But we are very much at the start of our journey.

We put the customer at the very heart of everything our business does, becoming truly streamlined to respond to their needs by putting in place seemingly invisible and flexible processes that make this work. To do this we’ve invested in people and management, root and branch training and engagement programmes that touch every part of our business, investment in customer feedback, in infrastructure, and technology like voice picking, telematics, and leading-edge operational and e-commerce systems.

It’s also about our leadership team getting engaged at grass roots level, in regular front-line feedback groups to hear ideas first hand, so they can fast track the ones that are key, and track the real impact of the changes we are making at an operational and customer level.

We also do a lot of work behind the scenes to offer added-value to customers. We share insights, recipes, concepts, inspiration, nutritional information, advice, updates on changes to legislation and standards to make life easier for customers.  You may have seen us talking about fortification recipes, nutrition and hydration week, our guidelines explaining the recent CQUIN1b scheme to name a few recent topics.

We’re still on our service excellence journey, and will always have more to do and further to go, but if you’d like to consider a closer relationship with a foodservice supplier that delivers, our dedicated team of account managers, telesales advisors, and food development managers would be happy to help.  For more information or to get in touch with your local team, take a look at our website www.bidfood.co.uk or call us on 01494 555 900.