A LEADING Tyneside hotel is making cocktails with friends a more fun and sociable experience with its unique sharing boards.

Hilton Newcastle Gateshead is giving customers the chance to share a selection of iconic miniature cocktails with its innovative platters, giving groups of two or more the chance to try a couple of different flavours.

Already a popular haunt for those looking to enjoy a tipple or two before a night on the town, the hotel’s bar is now offering the sharing boards of six, nine or 12 smaller glasses of classic mixes like cosmopolitan, mojito, strawberry daiquiri and pina colada.

Martin Robinson, General Manager at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, said the boards are already proving popular.

“We basically take a full size cocktail and split it into three glasses,” he explained. “For this reason we start at boards of six so groups can get to try at least two different cocktails.

“You find a lot of times that when people buy cocktails in a group of friends that they all want to try each other’s drinks, and by the time they’ve passed them around there is hardly anything left.

“With our sharing boards they can all try smaller versions, making it a much more fun and sociable experience.

“The sharing boards have become an instant hit with weekend revellers. Cocktails are continuing to grow in popularity, and what we’ve found with the sharing boards is it gives customers the chance to try something they wouldn’t normally.

“While strawberry daiquiris and mojitos have been the big thing for the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in sales of older classics like pina colada, which is down to giving customers the chance to try them in our sharing boards.”


The cocktail sharing boards are available at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead every day, with prices starting at £17 for a board of six.

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