Unleash the Power Behind the Payment

Zapper has been disrupting the hospitality industry for the last 18 months, encouraging more and more customers to dine and dash using its simple scan and pay app. Now users can go completely cardless. The end is nigh for countless loyalty cards clogging up your wallet as Zapper launches its innovative stamp-style in-app loyalty platform.

With an increasingly competitive market space, it’s critical for brands to go the extra mile to reward and retain their customers. Successful operations recognise customers are increasingly tech-savvy when it comes to hunting down offers and rewards with nearly one third of consumers using their smartphone to search for deals before dining out. Therefore, targeted offers and personalisation are an essential way to engage and encourage repeat visits, rewarding customers for their time and spend in your venue whilst ensuring they come back again, and again.

Combined with Z-Beacon location-based technology and a messaging platform, businesses such as Caffe Concerto restaurants, are benefiting from new, smarter ways to engage with customers.

Caffe Concerto, “We were really impressed with the complete Zapper solution, we’ve now rolled out through the rest of our Caffe Concerto sites.”

Whilst users love the ability to pay securely using their smart phone, many still find their wallet laden with loyalty cards and expired paper vouchers. Zapper already enables customers to settle their bill in seconds, automatically redeem vouchers and leave instant starred feedback on their dining experience. However, diners are now able ditch their cards completely and instantly collect loyalty rewards for every visit via the app.

James Sykes-Hagen, Director of Business Development, Zapper UK, comments, “Life loves loyalty. In the 2015 Loyalty Consensus commissioned by Colloquy, 75% of those surveyed said they stayed with a brand because the rewards and offers were relevant to them. Digital, in particular mobile, allows businesses to collect a variety of customer data, using Zapper at the point of payment, which recognises individual customer habits for future incentive campaigns.”

The growth in smartphone use has driven significant changes in customer behaviour and presents a huge opportunity to businesses. Findings from Visa and Bond Loyalty show 57% of their members would like to engage with loyalty programs via mobile phone and 3C’s revealed 60% of consumers make more monthly visits / purchases because of a mobile enabled loyalty programme. Zapper gives businesses a smart way to automatically understand their customers and reward loyalty to encourage future spend through in-app rewards, messaging, push notifications and beacon technology.

Gerry Hooper, CEO Zapper UK, says “Endorsed and trusted in 10 different countries, the Zapper solution is easily adapted to any payment environment. Simple to use, without compromising service, Zapper provides the hospitality industry (and now Retail, Bill Payments and Transport) with an ideal multi-platform for venues to understand and reward loyal customers, thus encouraging re-use and sharing amongst peers.”


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