Heart of Gold: The Wild Geese named “Best Gold Rum” at the World Rum Awards

The Wild Geese Caribbean Rum collection has added a third gold medal to its treasure trove of awards, having been selected as ‘Best Gold Rum’ at the annual World Rum Awards.

The World Rum Awards were first established in 2007 and reward the best tasting rums for consumers across the globe.

The judging panel noted the “great blend of different aged distillate styles” of The Wild Geese Premium Rum and noted its “soft, enjoyable approach that delivers complexity.”

This gold award follows on from a silver medal won by the Premium Rum at the Global Rum Masters on the 9th March 2015.

About The Wild Geese Rum

The Wild Geese Premium Rum is an intense bright gold blend, aged for up to eight years. It takes you on a journey through the Caribbean, with pronounced hints of a soft, aged Bajan heritage and honeyed aromatic Guyanese and Jamaican pot still character. This creates a distinctly flavoured spirit starting with a light vanilla, mango and banana flavor, and smoothly developing into the burnished, rich nuttiness of ripe asparagus and herbaceous eucalyptus.

The Wild Geese Rum collection tells the story of the Irish in the Caribbean, who liberated themselves from slavery and became pirates of the Caribbean. The Collection celebrates their strength, courage and determination.

For more information visit: www.thewildgeesecollection.com