London’s Waterloo Cubana bar-restaurant, owned by businessman and former Tory Treasury minister, Phillip Oppenheim has announced plans to open a second venue in Smithfield, London EC1 later this year.

Cubana, which first introduced Mojitos to the UK in the 1990s and is famed for its freshly-prepared Latin American food, fresh tropical cocktails and late-night live Cuban music, has secured a 3,000 square foot site in Charterhouse St close to well-known venues Smiths and Comptoir Gascon.

Following the huge success of Cubana Waterloo – known for ground breaking Mojitos and Street Food among other things – the new venue will also incorporate a coffee roaster to be run in conjunction with the new Cuban coffee brand Alma de Cuba.

There will also be an artisan bakery, a gelateria and a paleteria, producing Mexican-style fresh fruit ice-lollies – making this a one-stop destination for all-day hospitality.

The café+light restaurant menu is set to feature extensive Latin American, Creole and Cuban-inspired dishes, all of which are ethically sourced in line with Cubana’s long-standing policies, along with a strong coffee offer based on freshly roasted coffee from the roastery.

Boasting a vibrant dining room and cocktail bar, the venue will also provide a quieter daytime meeting place for workers in the area.

Phillip Oppenheim explains, “Cubana Waterloo injected much needed vibrancy into SE1. Whilst the bar-restaurant attracts much attention from across London, we were keen to expand north of the river. Like Cuba, Smithfield is steeped in history and has grown to become an exciting hub for both businesses and hospitality alike – we are keen to be part of this and bring our vibrant brand to the heart of the City.”

“We are trying something new by combining a coffee roaster and artisan bakery alongside our better known fresh tropical cocktail, Mojito and food offering. Working with Alma de Cuba on the coffee side, we are also talking to artisan bakers and gelaterias about facilitating those sections on a concession or contractual basis.”