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Future trends in coffee: 2018 and beyond

It seems like there’s always a new Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Caffè Nero, or independent coffee shop popping up on our high streets or in our shopping centres. The selection and availability of one of the world’s most loved beverages has expanded massively in recent years, with ingredients and ways of offering the ‘coffee drinking experience’ becoming more innovative with every new creation.

But, how will the UK’s love for coffee transform the landscape of the industry throughout the rest of 2018 and beyond? With a great focus on sustainability, organic sources, health-conscious options, and quirky flavours, we look at the rise in popularity of coffee beverages and which trends we can expect to become the standard in UK coffee shops of the future.

The trend for industrial and vintage inspired lighting, it seems, shows no sign of dimming anytime soon.

Hitting the lighting scene in the late 2000s, industrial’s urban ‘unfinished’ look continues to be popular within the hospitality arena, perfectly complementing trends of exposed bricks and pipes, concrete flooring, and large open windows.

And vintage too remains popular. Moonlighting under the guise of ‘shabby chic’ during the early 2010s, vintage inspired lighting is now more fashionably recognised as upcycled; taking an old item and breathing new life into it.

MenuShop is one of Europe’s leading producers and providers of hospitality products, first of all menu covers and menu cases.

Our business is driven by our clients’ needs:  this is why we keep studying innovative and creative solutions that could fit their expectations and satisfy them.

An online brainstorm partner that enables chefs to stay ahead of the game?!

Over 20,000 chefs (!) are already working with, that has been launched in The UK and Ireland in May

Six years ago, Jeroen van Oijen and Inge Meijs launched in Dutch for chefs from the Netherlands and Belgium. Over the years, the team has worked together with chefs from around the world to build an enormous database of culinary knowledge and inspiration. In 2014, they have made it available for English-speaking chefs. And this was met with great enthusiasm. More than 20,000 chefs are now using this online tool which contains thousands of recipes from cuisines from around the world.

Digital Food Safety – a revolution whose time has come

David Davies – Product and Marketing Director of Checkit

Food safety, is by definition critical to food service businesses.  Managing it efficiently and consistently is a core part of any well run operation.  For customers it’s been something that’s not thought about until you or someone you know is personally affected. 


LeisureBench Ltd. is one of the Country’s leading suppliers of quality commercial outdoor furniture offering a huge product range.

All our furniture is selected for good quality and strong construction, representing excellent value for money. Our service also extends to help and advice on choosing the right products for you, if required. 


Kimorra® takes the form of a thin, hardwearing, flexible, decorative sheet which can then be used in place of a laminate or veneer. This veneering solution is pioneering in the fact that the veneer started life as a traditional woven textile. The only difference being that through our process we are able to cure the panel into a durable, versatile surface for multiple uses.  Our continued research and development has seen us move the product to new markets and customers in recent years.  Having worked hard to stabilise the product, our research and development is now focused on developing new material ranges.


SOLEX (The Summer Outdoor Living Exhibition) is the Trade Show organised by LOFA for LOFA members and held  in July.  It is an annual 3-day event attracting national and international retail/contract Purchasing Directors and Managers.  This unique event brings together all the leading manufacturers of garden products – furniture, barbecues, gazebos, parasols, outdoor lighting and play equipment – and provides a showcase for all the exciting new developments in design, environmental manufacturing, sustainability and production for both the retail and contract markets. 

Burstcatch gives pubs and clubs the solution to stamp out vandalism.

UK Hospitality businesses are facing an ever losing battle against vandalism in their venues. So keeping facilities in use and in good form is always difficult. Burstcatch offers the solution – A onetime installation guarantees you will never have to replace a damaged look again. Burstcatch is specially designed to ensure your doors operate perfectly under normal circumstances but when forced to almost breaking point Burstcatch releases the pressure to ensure the door lock and jamb aren’t damaged – it then resets automatically so the next customer will use the facilities as normal.  The Burstcatch will secure your investment in your toilet facilities.


“It simply made sense for us to work with John and use the Fogarty Oven as we appreciate the work that has gone into building such a fantastic oven. Our Chefs and students will begin exploring the many possibilities that this cooking technique provides us and our customers with”. Gary Hunter Westminster Kingsway College and Vice President