How Health Care App Connects Travelers This Summer

There are over 35 million digital nomads, and they need accessible health care while living outside of their native country. Would you like to talk to the Founder and CEO of a top healthcare app for travellers about an easy way for them to get it? Jenny Cohen Derfler co-founded Air Doctor to help travellers access health care while abroad, and as CRO works to connect travellers with doctors across 75 countries, with telehealth available in your native language in 84 countries. Air Doctor works to make the customer experience as stress-free as possible, earning a 4.8 star rating on Trustpilot.

Air Doctor can connect travellers to health care providers through their existing insurance policies, and also has a self-pay option so users can access the network of doctors and health care providers without a long-term health insurance policy.


With digital nomads and remote work on the rise, more people are spending months or even years at a time outside of their native country. Accessing health care can be tricky, to say nothing of finding someone who speaks your language or navigating how to pay when you do.

Air Doctor eases the process, reducing the stress and time it takes to find a provider who can speak your language while providing cashless, contactless payment. Jenny can speak about:

  • Why Air Doctor is so convenient for digital nomads, including their work with different large insurance providers such as DR-WALTER that cater policies to digital nomads.
  • How to check where your home health insurance does and does not cover, and how to access that care.
  • How Air Doctor gives users peace of mind, reducing the stress around accessing health care internationally while putting the user experience first.

How partnerships enable them to provide treatment via at-home (or in hotel) visit, video link, and in clinics and treatment centers all around the world – including the ability to prescribe medicine.