La Brillante from Gaggia is Perfectly in Step with the Times

La Brillante is the brand-new, fully-automatic professional coffee machine from the iconic Gaggia Milano brand.

Gaggia Milano has created a new, fully-automatic coffee machine, La Brillante. The aesthetic appeal of its innovative and polished design is undeniable and beneath the surface, La Brillante embraces up-to-the-minute technologies that deliver peerless performance – and all within a conveniently compact footprint.

La Brillante delivers the freshest coffee experience, thanks to a combination of its proven coffee brewer and PrimeMilk – the ground-breaking milk foaming system. Together they provide temperature stability, a top-quality user experience and unbeatable consistency, cup after cup.

Not only does La Brillante offer a wide drinks menu, which is accessible via the user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen, but also it provides professionals with ample opportunity to create individual recipes in response to the various needs and preferences of their customers. The screen interface is particularly intuitive when the machine is in ‘self-service’ mode.

The design of La Brillante isn’t simply skin-deep, it also facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Operators and staff alike benefit from features such as automated milk circuit cleaning cycles, the machine’s Energy Saving mode and built-in troubleshooting video clips. What’s more, the performance of La Brillante will soon be able to  be monitored remotely, thanks to an advanced IoT telemetry system. This enables access to detailed information pertaining to alarms, in-cup quality, cleaning and much, much more.

Needless to say, La Brillante can also accept credit card payments. With La Brillante, from Gaggia, consumers in coffee shops, small hotels, and offices can enjoy the benefits of a highly efficient, reliable coffee solution, which is perfectly in step with the times.

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La Brillante is now available in the UK. To find out more, please contact Andrew Barrow. [email protected]