How to Plan Your 2025 Ski Break Around a Snow-Sure Location

Skiing is a popular outdoor sport, with many people hitting the slopes for some much-needed time on the snow. In fact, #skiing trended on TikTok in mid-February with 16 million views as more people looked for tips, tricks, and locations to explore.

If you’re looking for the perfect gap year ski season in 2025, finding snow-sure destinations is a surefire way of enjoying your time. From Ja-pow to just-wow destinations, there’s somewhere for everyone.

Gary Clark, Academy Director at Basecamp, said: “Whether you’re scouring social media for the best snow locations for your next ski trip or checking forecasts for 2025, there’s plenty of places, and even back-ups, for your ski season holidays. If you’re planning your first trip or simply looking to try something new, finding the right location is crucial to enjoying your break next year.”

View the forecasts

Nothing is more important than checking forecasts if you’re looking for a snow-sure location. Both historical data and predictions can help you find slopes that are most likely abundant with snow rather than running dry.

Gary Clark says: “Finding a place which has previously had snow-abundant seasons is a must. A lot of resorts will be in snowy locations, but some will be more than others. Japan, for example, is a great choice for any skier looking for a powdery snow-sure slope, perfect for practising your skills and exploring lower altitude locations.”

Japan is renowned for its powder snow, which offers a unique skiing experience for anyone looking for deeper, softer snow piles. In fact, Tengendai Kogen and Niseko have the records for the deepest snowfall, making Japan the perfect location to try if you’re looking for a new skiing experience.

Other snow-sure locations include France and Austria, with France experiencing snow from early December all the way to May in some locations. Tignes is a great high-altitude location which provides access to fresh snow throughout the ski season, giving you the best opportunity to hit the dryer snow. And Val d’Isere has just as much to offer, with a high record for snowfall.

Go in the right season

Choosing the right season is important for your sky trip. Depending on your resort’s altitude, location, and atmosphere, the best month to visit will change, but If you want a snow-sure location, then making sure you’re heading out during ski season is important.

If you want to ski between November and April, choosing a northern hemisphere location is a must. Whereas, if you’re looking to ski in the southern hemisphere, you can go later in the year, around June to October. This also means you can have multiple ski trips throughout your gap year if you’re looking to travel.

Booking last minute

Know somewhere which has had a sudden snow drift? Booking a last-minute trip can be a snow-sure way to hit the slopes if fresh powder is what you’re looking for. There’s nothing like a last-minute journey to be on the slopes the next day.

And with lots of popular ski resort locations only a short flight away, what have you got to lose? You can reach Austria in just over 2 hours, France in just under 2 hours, and Italy in just under two and a half hours from London Heathrow.

Gary Clark says: “Last-minute trips aren’t as daunting as they might seem. In fact, they can be a great way to ensure you’re not missing out on fresh snow. Keeping an eye on the forecasts and choosing a location to travel to that is a quick flight away can make your ski season a bit more interesting – especially if you’re planning on visiting multiple resorts. It can also be a cheaper option with last-minute deals on flights.”

Finding a location where there’s always snow is easy if you know where and when to look. Whether you’re someone who likes to plan ahead and needs to organise a trip for next year, or you’re simply looking for some ideas for a more spontaneous journey, knowing the right months and places with the most snowfall can guarantee the freshest powder on the slopes.