Are You Ready for Your First Wellness Holiday?

More and more people are becoming healthy conscious, with Fentiman’s Market Report from 2023 finding that 70% of consumers are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. Enter wellness tourism, holidays that aim to maintain or improve the wellbeing of the people on the trip.

But where has this boom in interest come from? In this piece, Ben Mercer, Commercial Director at Leisure Lakes Bikes and mountain bike enthusiast, explores the rise of wellness tourism, and how to build the perfect getaway that’ll replenish your body and soul.

Why has wellness tourism boomed?

Figures from Grand View Research predicts that by 2030, the global wellness tourism industry will be valued at over $1 trillion (£790 billion). Holidaymakers are taking time to get away for a week or two to reinvigorate themselves.

This could also be the case coming out of the COVID pandemic. Being confined to our homes during the various lockdowns may have forced many of us to consider our relationships with our bodies.

There’s also the everyday stress of not just our lives but the world around us. Access to so much information can sometimes be overwhelming, making it hard to focus solely on your wellbeing. Wellness holidays are a fantastic solution for this, making you narrow your outlook to look inward at how your mind and body is feeling.

Trending wellness holidays

Trends come and go in every aspect of life, and wellness holidays are not exempt from the odd fad popping up here and there. Wellness festivals are one of them, where budding holidaymakers look to embrace their mindful side and give themselves a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These can happen at any point in the year, from the heights of summer to the peak of autumn.

One tourism trend that has become popular that ties into wellness is medical tourism. Many treatments and procedures are more accessible and can be cheaper abroad, with hair plugs and transplants being famous examples. Having the assurance that your physical health will be looked after can-do wonders for emotional health, while the treatments look after the former.

Embracing luxury within your escape can also help rebuild your emotional and physical health on your wellness holiday. With spas all over the UK and even further afield, why not splash the extra cash to make it that little more special and relaxing.

Some ideas for your first wellness trip

Many of the trendier wellness getaways might be a bit too extreme for those looking to go on their first health-focused holiday. That’s why we want to suggest some of the more beginner-friendly holidays you can do to kickstart your healthy trip.

Yoga has transformed from being seen as a hobby for hippies into a pastime that can both boost your mental health and physically engage you. And the best part about it is when you get a routine that works for you, meaning you can take your mate with you or go it alone – whatever suits your needs. Whether that’s a retreat within the UK and Ireland or packing up your stuff and heading to the Maldives, you can focus your trip on healing through yoga.

Cycling is another activity that has proven to have a positive impact both on peoples’ physical and mental health. A survey by Cycling UK found that 91% of over 11,000 respondents stated that cycling was important for their mental health. There are so many incredible cycling routes and sights to see on your journey, so packing up your mountain bike and putting the activity at the centre of your holiday could help to reset your systems.