New educational partnership: École Ducasse and Instituto Gato Dumas announce academic collaboration

École Ducasse, a network of schools dedicated to the transmission of outstanding French expertise and excellence in culinary and pastry arts, has announced a new academic collaboration agreement with the Instituto Gato Dumas, a pillar of gastronomic education in Latin America. This alliance represents a major step in the expansion of École Ducasse, providing an opening to Latin America and marking the union of two leading institutions.

Founded in 1998 by visionaries Carlos Alberto “Gato” Dumas and Guillermo Calabrese, the Instituto Gato Dumas has established itself as a major institution in culinary education with a strong presence in Argentina and extensions in Uruguay and Colombia. The Institute has trained numerous professionals who have distinguished themselves both nationally and internationally. Its commitment to academic excellence and its innovative approach to teaching make Gato Dumas the ideal partner for École Ducasse, which runs three schools in France – Paris Studio, Paris Campus and the École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie (ESNP) – as well as international schools and studios in the Philippines, India, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, in its quest for excellence.

This collaboration will begin with an exclusive Masterclass given by Luc Debove – director of the ENSP, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and world ice cream champion – on the Gato Dumas campus in Buenos Aires next month. Above all, however, this partnership inaugurates the creation of two new exclusive four-week intensive diplomas: “The Art of French Pastry”, delivered at the ENSP, and “The Best of Alain Ducasse”, offered on the Paris campus. These unique courses, taught entirely in English, are designed to forge the pastry chefs and cooks of tomorrow, offering them a deep immersion in the unique philosophy of Chef Ducasse as well as in the techniques and innovations that define world-renowned French gastronomy.

Thanks to these two new diplomas, Instituto Gato Dumas students will benefit from an exceptional opportunity to come to France and join one of École Ducasse’s two campuses, thus immersing themselves in French culinary culture and enriching their educational and professional careers. At the same time, this collaboration provides École Ducasse with an ideal platform to reach and inspire a new generation of culinary talent in Latin America.

The courses developed through this collaboration are the result of meticulous work and a shared passion for high-quality education. They have been designed to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, combining traditional expertise with cutting-edge techniques. Participants will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and will be guided by renowned chefs and trainers, guaranteeing a high-quality educational experience.

Elise Masurel, Managing Director of École Ducasse, said:

“The collaboration between École Ducasse and Instituto Gato Dumas is an important step in our international development strategy. This alliance enriches our educational offering, enabling us to offer specific, tailor-made training courses that meet the needs and aspirations of South American students. Through this partnership, we are forging invaluable links with the rapidly expanding culinary scene in Latin America. This partnership is a testimony to our commitment to culinary excellence and diversity, reinforcing our mission to train tomorrow’s chefs and professionals through a truly multicultural vision.”

École Ducasse and the Instituto Gato Dumas now invite all gastronomy enthusiasts, aspiring professionals and established chefs alike, to discover these new programs and seize the opportunity to be part of this international culinary adventure.