The Rise of Delicious Escapism

Food and drink aren’t only part of our everyday lives, but something that can help us connect with the people around us, different cultures, and even ourselves. From trying new flavours we enjoy, to finding combinations we never knew existed, there’s plenty out there for foodies.

And plenty of us enjoy branching out to new flavours and textures, with the Food Standards Agency finding that 72% of people like trying new things to eat.

Katy Baxter, Corporate Affairs Director at Baxters of Scotland, a luxury food hamper specialist, says: “Food has the ability to transport us. Whether back to a memory or a favourite country, food can bring us closer to these special moments. And for many who don’t have the time to jet off abroad, bringing the flavours and foods of their dream holiday to them can bring a bit of the sensation they need.

“Escape your day-to-day life by adding a bit of spice into the mix. Whether you and your partner make an evening by cooking together or you host an “around the world” dinner party, there are plenty of ways food can bring your loved ones closer.”

Travelling the world with food

Katy says: “It is common for people to use food and drink as a way of travelling the world. Whether you’re going abroad and tasting the local cuisine or replicating it back home to remind you of those memories, food has a strange and exciting power.

“Each country has its own favourite foods and being able to share these treats and delicacies is one of life’s great joys.”

Having a favourite cuisine, including one from a country you’re not from, isn’t uncommon. In fact, most Brits love Italian cuisine, with over half (51%) of people listing it as their favourite. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t pride when it comes to home-grown, traditional food, with British cuisine listed as the third most favourite.

Whether it is a black pudding on your breakfast or a traditional haggis, food from England and Scotland has its loyal fans. And there’s more than just these traditional items on offer across each nation. Food doesn’t only have a connection with the land, but also the history and its people. So, if you’re planning a bit of escapism in 2024, food might just be the way to go about it.

Food fusion

Who says you have to stick to one region? Food fusion is the perfect way to bring your favourite flavours and combinations together. This is also a great way to connect families if you live in different parts of the world or want to explore each other’s heritage.

Katy says: “Mixing food from one country with another could leave you surprised with just how good it tastes. Whether you’re exploring venison tacos or making lasagna soup, food should be fun and accessible to all – and we fully advocate playing with your food!”

Mixing food is a great way to explore textures and flavours together that you didn’t consider pairing. Whether you’re adding jam into your champagne for a unique drink flavour for your next party or you enjoy the strange but oddly successful pairing of cereal and orange juice, there’s plenty of experimentation to be had in the kitchen.

Making the perfect food retreat

Nothing says escapism more than ditching your day-to-day activities for something a bit more out there. Spend time connecting with your loved ones by embracing a day surrounded by food, heritage, and family.

Bring out the food hampers for a luxurious picnic in the park, filled with regional treats – try chutneys and jams with regional flavours to add a bit of originality and excitement to your day trip. Enjoy basking in the sun with a selection of wines, crackers, and mixed preserves. You can bring together plenty of regional foods from across the world, such as serving German pretzel bread alongside a range of French cheeses and Scottish chutneys for the perfect combination of flavours.

Or why not explore different flavours with a potluck party? Each guest can bring their own item or meal which reminds them of home. Whether it is their traditional home-roast or a meal that they’ve picked up on their travels, this will fill your table with plenty of food you’ve never tried before.

Food is a great way to bring people from all walks of life together. Whether you’re visiting somewhere new or bringing a recipe back with you, being able to explore new textures, flavours, and combinations can make your life a bit more exciting. And you don’t need to be a foodie to enjoy it, just grab some loved ones and make an evening of it.