How to become a better hospitality manager

Hospitality is a unique industry in many ways. The customer experience unfolds before your eyes and this brings added expectation and pressure to provide the best service possible. As the manager, you are ultimately responsible for managing day-to-day operations, as well as the big picture strategy and vision. This is a difficult role to find balance and success in, so improving your skills and mindset is key to managing a more successful and sustainable business. Below we explore some of the ways that you can look to become a better hospitality manager, whether you run a hotel, pub, bar or restaurant.

Listen to your staff and customers

One thing every manager could do better is to listen to their colleagues and staff. This is essential to ensure that any issues or concerns are being identified and dealt with accordingly. Furthermore, your staff often know the ins and outs of each process in more detail and thus can offer valuable insight into more effective methods or processes.

The same goes for customers. Listening to these is critical in any business, perhaps most of all in the hospitality industry. The experience is key for every customer and goes a long way to gaining customer loyalty and satisfaction – which means repeat sales and referrals. Customer reviews can provide invaluable insight into areas of your business that you may have never really considered.

Attend industry events and conferences

Staying up to date with hospitality industry trends is a good way to develop your knowledge and improve yourself as a manager. The Big Hospitality Expo is a massive event that is coming up in September 2022, being hosted at Olympia London. This is a great opportunity to gain new perspectives and explore industry outlooks with like-minded people who might help you to develop yourself as a manager. Consider staying in a London serviced apartment for the duration of the event if you want the full experience.

Experience every role

Another thing managers can do to broaden their knowledge and experience is to spend time doing the different roles that they oversee. It’s difficult to manage something you don’t fully understand, and chances are you don’t have experience in every job in the hotel or restaurant. Take some time to experience these jobs so you can be a better manager to each individual and perhaps identify areas where operations can be improved.

Set a good example

Lastly, you should be setting a good example for the rest of your business because this creates a healthier workplace culture. If you expect staff to show up early for shifts, wear appropriate clothing and work with a certain attitude, then be everything you expect of them. This can help to generate trust and respect which will go a long way to helping your hospitality operation run more smoothly.