6 Drinks trends to look out for in 2021

As we get into the swing of 2021, Amaro Montenegro’s expert mixologist Rudi Carraro shares his predictions for the hottest drinks trends to look out for in 2021.

No alcohol and low-ABV Drinks will continue to be a growing trend

The demand for no alcohol and low-ABV drinks is ever-growing, so it should come as no surprise that we will see this market continue to thrive throughout the year.

This has come as the nation has grown more and more health conscious and the market has adapted to meet these demands, with delicious ‘low and no’ alternatives popping up left, right and centre. We expect to see more of these drinks hit the scene this year.

For those looking for an interesting choice for a low ABV drink, at just 23% Amaro Montenegro is a delicious authentic Italian liquor, which is perfect when enjoyed alongside tonic water, in the popular Monte & Tonic.

Tiki cocktails

Tiki cocktails tend to be colourful, fruity and rum-based – and are served with a lavish garnish.

2020 was undeniably a difficult year, so the occasions for Tiki cocktails were, sadly, few and far between. However, we can hope that better times will return later this year and I predict that the Tiki cocktail will be the perfect party-starter when those moments do arise.

Tiki cocktails are particularly popular amongst holiday seekers looking to bring a bit of sunshine home. Classic favourites include the Pina Colada and the Mai Tai.

Orange wine 

Orange wine first began piquing the interest of UK drinkers last year, with bottles making their way onto menus and into homes.

Made from white grapes, with the skins and seeds still attached, orange wine has a very different taste to regular white wine. Often described as having a sour flavour (similar to a fruit beer) whilst being dry, with similar tannins to red wine.

Because of the wine’s pronounced taste, it pairs well with equally bold food types – for example, curry dishes or Moroccan cuisine.

Although orange wine is ancient, the last 20 years have seen a surge in popularity for the drink and we can be confident that 2021 will only see more orange wines appear.

An increase in home consumption 

Last year (unsurprisingly) saw the rise of the home bar, as people got busy working on their own mixology skills in lieu of pubs, bars and restaurants being open.

We expect this trend to continue at the start of this year with people continuing to hone the skills they learned during lockdown. We might even see home cocktails become a permanent fixture as we come out of the pandemic.

Spirits on the rise; Brandy, Amari are getting more and more attention from both Trades and Consumers

We’ve already seen different Brandys and Amaris getting more attention from trades and consumers, and we predict this will continue to grow into 2021. As well as having a low ABV, the Amari category is also part of the rising “Italian Trend”, where we see consumers getting more and more attracted by Italian aperitifs and liqueurs in general.

Whereas alternative Brandys, such as Vecchia Romagna are also on the rise, adding to the “Brown Spirits” trend, where consumers have sought out bottles that give them a better value for money over the more traditional cognacs.

More “British brand” hard seltzers

Hard seltzers are hugely popular in the US, and over the last year they have quickly become a favourite choice for those looking for a low calorie and low-ABV alternative to traditional drinks.

Made from carbonated water, fruit flavouring and alcohol, seltzer has a refreshing kick to it, and is a great low alcohol alternative for those who ordinarily love to order a vodka soda.

In 2021 and beyond we expect to see a rise in bars stocking hard seltzer brands, as well as the supermarkets. Moreover, we predict that more British-owned brands will start to appear with their own versions of hard seltzers with BrewDog already releasing its own “Mixed Pack”.


Rudi Carraro, Expert Mixologist for Amaro Montenegro says, “After what has been a tough year for many individuals, as well as those in the restaurant and bar industry, the nation will be looking forward to more exciting times to come in 2021. With that, we of course hope that we will see the bars and pubs start to re-open in some capacity as we head into spring and summer.


“There are many trends from last year that we will continue to see throughout 2021, including the rise in low ABV drinks. Here it will be interesting to see how brands react to their growing popularity whether that be sharing their own low alcohol alternatives, or offering tips to enjoy their current products in a new less alcoholic way.


“It will also be exciting to see what new brands might hit the scene as we see a rise in demand for the newer types of drinks on the market, for example hard seltzers and orange wines.”