Pancake Day: The Best Toppings According to Brits

Which pancake topping rules them all? The debate is ongoing. So in celebration of Pancake Day today (16/02/21), online cake shop Jack & Beyond asked 3,192 Brits to choose their favourites and settle the debate once and for all!

Which topping is Brits’ favourite?

Toppings % of votes
Lemon and sugar 89%
Nutella/chocolate spread 86%
Maple syrup 81%
Ice cream 77%
Bacon and syrup 73%
Marmite 69%
Honey 67%
Butter 64%
Fresh Berries 58%
Smoked salmon 58%
Bananas and chocolate 52%
Whipped /clotted cream 49%
Caramel 44%
Jam 38%
Peanut butter 32



Lemon and sugar are crowned the UK’s favourite pancake topping! The combination received 89% of votes, showing that most Brits still enjoy a traditional topping on their pancakes.

Nutella/chocolate spread claims second place. In total, 86% of Brits like their pancakes with creamy chocolate spread on top, opening another debate that is which fruit goes better with it, banana or strawberries?

It seems that Brits have adopted Canada’s favourite as one of their own! Maple syrup comes in third place with 81% of respondents choosing it to pour on their pancakes.

Flipping the results, peanut butter places in 15th with 32% of votes and Jam comes in 14th place with only 38% of votes. It seems that we prefer those toppings on our toast rather than on pancakes!

Favourite toppings per region in the UK:

To explore the nation’s favourite pancake toppings, Jack & Beyond also revealed the most popular flavours in each region of the UK. Brits from South East and South West have chosen the classic lemon and sugar as their favourite. It also comes up as West Midlands’ and East of England’s first choice when it comes to pancake toppings!

Nutella/chocolate spread comes out on top in London, East Midlands and North East whilst maple syrup is the sweet tooth’s favourite in Wales and Yorkshire and the Humber. Surprisingly, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North West seem to enjoy bacon and syrup the most.