Pan’Artisan launches delicious new Hi Crust Dough Balls

Recognising the importance of authentic, premium quality bread offerings for consumers, and the huge popularity of pizza, especially as demand for delivery and take out services grow, Pan’Artisan has developed two new premium dough balls; Hi-Crust and Hi-Crust made with Sourdough.

David Jones, Sales & Marketing Director, Pan’Artisan Ltd; In a market where provenance continues to grow our new Hi Crust doughballs allow the operator to purchase a frozen, UK manufactured product that can be stretched to achieve the trade mark leopard spotting; which is only achieved at a very hot oven temperature, and the high crust pizza base we have been accustomed to only seeing in the markets in Italy.  Our development team and dough experts have worked tirelessly to find the solution the market has been calling for, whilst ensuring the process is not too complex for the operator.  This innovative product changes the game when it comes to manufactured dough with its versatility and ease of use.”

Created from an original Italian recipe which results in exceptional elasticity of the dough to promote the final taste, crust and texture, Pan’Artisan’s new dough balls offer a versatile product for chefs and operators alike – they are perfect for pizza bases; in order to achieve the distinctive high crust finish, create a rim of 1cm around the edge of the pizza base before topping and cooking.

The dough balls are also suitable for many other uses, such as bread sticks, canape bases, calzone or dumplings.

The Hi Crust made with Sourdough derives its aromatic flavour profile from the addition of wheat and rye sours, which imparts earthy, fruity notes and a complex acidity.

Pan’Artisan’s dough balls are provided frozen and are available in cases of 70 x 240g aiding operators with a longer shelf life, less wastage and convenience in portion sizes.  They are suitable for different oven types; amazing results can be had from a traditional wood-burning oven, impinger or stone deck oven.

Salt levels conform to government guidelines and all dough balls are suitable for vegetarian, vegan and lactose free diets.  They are produced in a nut free environment and contain no artificial preservatives, flavours or GM products.

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