Revealed: Cost of Wine Across Europe and UK Cities 

Wine which offers you the most for your money, and those that cost that bit more have been uncovered for European countries and UK cities. 

Main Findings 

  • Malbec is the UK’s favourite wine 
  • Our Best Selling Malbec’s unique purchases increased by 2970% in lockdown (23rd March – July 5th 2020) compared to the same time in 2019. 
  • Sweden has the most expensive wine in Europe at £9.80 (bottle of red table wine) 
  • Portugal has the lowest priced wine in Europe at £4.16 (bottle of red table wine) 
  • Cardiff has the most expensive table wine in the UK 
  • Birmingham has the lowest priced table wine in the UK 


Our internal sales data uncovered that Malbec was everyone’s firm favourite during lockdown, so with that in mind we’ve analysed the cost of red wine across Europe and closer to home. 

Whether you’re looking to have a tipple on your travels, or just curious to know how UK wine costs compare to our European neighbours, our helpful guide will get you up to speed. 

How Much Red Wine Does £10 Get You Around Europe? 

Read our comprehensive guide to wine prices in 15 of the most populated European cities and discover how much red table wine £10 will get you. 


Ranking- Low To High  Country  Average Cost of Bottle of Red Wine  How Much Wine For £10 
1  Portugal  £4.16  2.4 bottles 
2  Ukraine  £4.45  2.2 bottles 
3  Czech Republic  £4.95  2 bottles 
4  Romania  £5.33  1.9 bottles 
5  Poland  £5.82  1.7 bottles 
6  Russia  £6.17  1.6 bottles 
7  Belgium  £6.48  1.5 bottles 
7  Italy  £6.48  1.5 bottles 
7  Spain  £6.48  1.5 bottles 
7  Germany  £6.48  1.5 bottles 
8  Netherlands  £7.40  1.4 bottles 
8  France  £7.40  1.4 bottles 
9  UK  £8  1.3 bottles 
10  Greece  £8.33  1.2 bottles 
11  Sweden  £9.80  1 bottle 


*Prices sourced from Expatistan – accurate as of September 2020 



As you can see Portugal gives you much more red wine for your money with nearly 2 ½ bottles for £10, whilst the cost of a bottle of wine in Sweden will leave you with just 20p to spare.  

UK Red Wine Costs Uncovered 

Now that you’re in the know about the cost of wine abroad let’s take a look at the price of a bottle of red table wine in UK cities and discover which came out on top. 

Ranking- Low To High  City  Red Wine Bottle Cost 
1  Birmingham  £6 
2  Nottingham  £7 
2  Leicester  £7 
2  Newcastle  £7 
3  Manchester  £8 
3  London  £8 
3  Southampton  £8 
3  Edinburgh  £8 
3  Leeds  £8 
3  Liverpool  £8 
3  Sheffield  £8 
3  Belfast  £8 
3  Bristol  £8 
4  Glasgow  £9 
5  Cardiff  £13 


*Prices sourced from Expatistan – accurate as of September 2020 

Our findings show that the average bottle of red wine in Birmingham costs £6, whereas one in Cardiff will set you back more than twice the cost at £13. 

Wine Consumption In Lockdown  

According to year on year sales data from House of Townend, lockdown had a huge impact on what kinds of wine people were drinking.  

In the 2019 March-June period, the most popular drinks sold by the wine merchant were Prosecco and white wines. The spring period normally brings a taste for fizzy, lighter wines. This was also reflected in 2018.  

In the same period in 2020, lockdown caused a considerable shift in drinking habits. House of Townend’s top 10 wines included 6 red wines – the top products being Pinot Noir and Malbec.  Malbec, in particular, has been popular in both Google Search history and House of Townend’s sales data, rising over 2570% in unique sale purchases in the lockdown period (23rd March-July 5th 2020) in comparison to the same time last year. 

Red wine might be the true champion of lockdown – but it seems Malbec is the real winner, with that specific grape trend more appealing to British consumers than ever before.  

The Cost of Quality 

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, social drinker or just like a glass of wine now and again, it’s important to factor the spend into your holiday budget, albeit abroad or staycation. 

While it’s easy to opt for the most cost effective wine, that doesn’t always guarantee the best quality flavour so it’s worth shopping around for high-quality wine that doesn’t break the bank.  

By House of Townend