THE UK’s leading chefs have got behind a project aimed at raising funds for hospitality workers who have been affected by COVID-19.

The charity cookbook – Feast With Purpose – includes recipes from Michel Roux Jr, Tom Kerridge, Rick Stein and Prue Leith to name but a few and is the latest initiative from chef Simon Boyle, the man behind the Beyond Food Foundation.

Beyond Food helps disadvantaged and vulnerable adults get the training they need to work in the hospitality industry, with a number of recipes from its apprentices appearing in the book alongside those provided by some of the greatest names in  cooking.

The aim of the book – alongside raising much-needed funds for the industry- is to celebrate food with recipes which suit everyone from enthusiastic beginners to the more serious cooks.

Simon has sent out his thanks to all of the chefs who have contributed and supported a very worthy cause.

“We’ve pulled together an amazing and inspiring collection of recipes, from some astounding chefs, all during lockdown,” he said,

“It’s been a labour of love, but it’s reminded me about what’s at the heart of what we do – the power of food to inspire, bring people together and give purpose to our lives.

“But it’s not just about cooking. This is also about doing our bit to support an industry that is seriously struggling. A job in hospitality is one that I would usually associate with hope and opportunity; one of a few where you can literally work your way up from the bottom.

“Since 2005 I have seen first-hand the power of food as a catalyst to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

“We created the charity to help those at risk of homelessness find work in the hospitality sector and we’ve worked with thousands of disadvantaged adults, providing them with employability skills or supporting them into jobs.

“Now we’re working to prevent those in the industry from becoming homeless.”

He added: “At Beyond Food we’ve always focussed on giving opportunities to those in need – a foot in the door; the right skills; a chance to cook alongside world-renowned chefs – so it’s only right that we give a platform to some of our own cohort.

“To have apprentices who were living on the streets two years ago, developing and publishing their own recipes alongside the likes of Michel Roux Jr and Tom Kerridge is truly amazing.”

One of the many supporters of the project include Michel Roux Jr, chef/owner of acclaimed restaurant Le Gavroche.

Restaurants have been profoundly affected by this crisis. Many won’t make it through this pandemic and even those that do will need to reinvent themselves to some extent,” he said.

“We’ve seen great resilience from many, but it remains a hugely challenging time and it’s crucial that we do what we can to support those in need.

“I’ve worked with Simon and the Beyond Food Foundation a number of times over the years, and I’ve seen the positive impact they have made on people’s lives through cooking. It’s a hugely inspiring project to be involved with and I’m pleased to have played a small part.”

Feast With Purpose – published by Chef Publishing – includes 130 recipes including

  • Nathan Outlaw’s Fish Pie
  • Tom Kerridge’s Monkfish & Coconut Curry
  • Michel Roux Jr’s Roasted Pears with Nougat & Dark Chocolate Sauce
  • Simon Boyle’s Mushroom & Butterbeans on Toast

Digital downloads of the book are now available at £25, with hard copies at £65 available from mid-August.



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