Ideas for Keeping Yourself Entertained on the Weekends

The weekends are a time for you to do as you please and try to catch up on sleep. Your weeks are likely busy, and hectic and you need these days off to regroup and have some fun.

There are a few different ways for how you can keep yourself entertained on the weekends, so you don’t sit around wasting this precious time. You can choose to socialize with others or take advantage of the chance to participate in activities by yourself and get some alone time. Keep these ideas handy for when the weekend rolls around, and you’re unsure of how to fill your days.

Plug into Technology

One idea for how you can entertain yourself on the weekends is to plug into technology. There’s plenty to do over the Internet, such as researching a new topic or subject matter you want to learn more about, or you can use it as a chance to relax and play poker. The Internet is full of interesting and engaging information that will keep you busy for hours at a time. You may also want to consider playing video games or streaming your favorite television show when you get tired of being on your computer.

Head to the Beach

Another idea for what you may want to do on the weekends is to visit the beach. Bring a good book with you and soak up the sunshine while you get lost in an exciting story. Pack a lunch, water and plenty of sunscreen so you can make a whole day of it. Whenever you get too warm, you can take a pleasant swim in the water to cool off. If you go with friends, then bring a game along such as volleyball, so you don’t get bored.


The weekends are your chance to work on your physique and burn off some calories and stress you’ve been feeling from the week. Therefore, keep yourself entertained by going to the gym and taking a class or lifting weights. If the weather cooperates, then you can take a walk or hike outside and get some exercise and fresh air. Being out in nature is an excellent way to relax and clear your mind. You’ll instantly feel at ease once you’re outdoors and able to take in all the beautiful sights and smells that surround you.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

Keep yourself entertained on the weekends by revamping your wardrobe. Clean out your closet and get rid of clothes you no longer wear or that are out of style. After you organize your closet, you can head out shopping for items you can wear to work or put on when you want to go out with friends. Have fun looking around for garments that will help you to look more stylish and chic. You should also hop online and see if any sales or discounts are running that you can take advantage of if you don’t feel like leaving the house.

Go out to Dinner with Friends

The weekends are also an excellent opportunity for you to catch up with your friends. It’s especially crucial if you’re someone who works a lot and doesn’t get to see or spend quality time with others very much. Call up people who you like being around and see if they want to join you for dinner. You can get dressed up and check out a new restaurant in the neighborhood you’ve wanted to try. It’ll be an enjoyable time laughing together and sharing stories from your jobs and family life.

Start a House Project

You may also want to use your time over the weekends to start a house project. Some ideas for what you can do include:

  • Building or painting furniture
  • Painting your walls
  • Cleaning and decluttering
  • Sprucing up the backyard or improving your curb appeal
  • Making fixes or repairs

You’ll not only be keeping yourself busy but will be making your space more attractive too. There are many house projects you can do without having to spend a lot of your money. All you need is the time and tools, and you’ll be on your way to creating a more inviting living space for yourself.


These are a few ideas to consider when you’re sitting around on the weekends without much to do. It all depends on your mood and how much energy you have at the end of the week. Whatever it is you decide to take part in, make sure you have some fun while you’re at it.