Bringing Your Kitchens Out of the Dark Ages

Is allergen reporting keeping you up at night?

Restaurant businesses have invested heavily in front of house tech. Meanwhile, back of house operations remained in the dark.No-one is debating the immense benefits of an e-POS system or a digital table booker, but it is curious to see executive chefs and F&B managers still juggling spreadsheets, or worse, after all these years.

Especially considering the immense impact the back of house has on profitability.

It is like sending your best pilots into battle holding a paper kite.

These days technology is at the heart of every professional kitchen. Software like Apicbase is handling complex and admin heavy tasks for kitchen teams.

Which saves your best people hours and hours of manual work in Excel and is boosting profits around the globe, thanks to accurate data and efficient workflows.

Is Restaurant Management Software what you need, right now?

If you are unsure whether back of house technology is what you need to grow your business, this next list will help you decide.

If you answer yes to at least one of these 9 simple statements, it makes sense to explore the option.

  1. Allergen reporting keeps you up at night
  2. You do not know your food costs (or cannot monitor them)
  3. You lose money writing off unused inventory
  4. Ordering is time-consuming and often inaccurate
  5. You want to keep track of food waste
  6. Workforce turnover is costing you money
  7. You are opening a second or more outlets
  8. You aren’t sure of consistency at every outlet
  9. Your software systems don’t talk to each other

Come and say hi at HRC stand H120 and let us know which of these conundrums you want to solve for your business. Our experts will help you out on the spot.

Who is Apicbase?

“Apibase is a huge time-saver for me. I’d recommend it 200%” – John King, executive chef Pentahotels

Apicbase is the #1 software solution to streamline, automate and monitor all back of house operations for single or multi-outlet restaurant and hotel businesses.

The kitchen management system integrates seamlessly with ePOS-systems, and has your recipes at its core; making allergen management, inventory control, food costing, procurement and staff training efficient, profitable and comparable between outlets.

It’s a cloud-based system, so all you need is an internet connection to get started.

Are blindspots in the kitchen data eating away at your profit margins? Do you have a hard time keeping track of allergens? Visit Apicbase at HRC stand H120.