Whole Lotta Organic Love by Conscious Chocolate for Vegan Valentine’s Day

The ultimate bunch of roses

Fresh from a year that saw them rebranded as the very best in quality organic decadence, Conscious Chocolate have created the ultimate in dreamy indulgence for Valentine’s Day in 2020.

Lightly decorated with dried, perfumed rose petals, The Love Gift Box contains a dozen chocolate hearts in the infamous, best-selling, Love Potion No.9 flavour. Beautifully packaged, the collection is the ideal gift for anyone looking for sweet vegan goodness and perfect for turning up the heat (before the chocolate melts…).

Legendary in its aphrodisiac qualities, these sensuous chocolate love tokens are created with fragrant rose essential oil, as well as maca and Peruvian cacao. Conscious Chocolate’s amorous offerings are also sweetened with coconut blossom for a delicate flavour and creamy texture that is unmistakeably their own.

Not only free from refined sugars, gluten, dairy and soya, The Love Gift Box is fully plastic free and compostable – the perfect guilt-free gift for the most deliciously romantic time of the year. The Love Gift Box by Conscious Chocolate is priced at £9.95.