Probiotic cleaning ‘sweeping’ the hotel industry

Keeping your premises clean is one of, if not the, top priority for a hotel. A sanitary environment – that has been efficiently cleaned – will not only ensure customers and staff remain happy, but also healthy.

However, it seems many businesses are still using traditional harsh chemical products to perform everyday cleaning tasks. This is not only harmful to those exposed to them, as well as the wider environment, but will cost the company money in the long run.

Dr. Emma Saunders, General Manager at world-leading research facility Genesis Biosciences, explains: “The use of unnecessary harsh chemicals is particularly pertinent in the cleaning and management of hotels simply because people are not aware of the risks or think the alternatives are too expensive. Due to the negative environmental impacts and health implications for guests and workers, institutes have a duty to consider safer alternative cleaning solutions – such as biological solutions.

“Probiotic cleaning products are safe, environmentally responsible and sustainable. Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, which offer short-term cleaning benefits, biological products contain live beneficial microorganisms that penetrate deep into soft and hard surfaces breaking down stubborn dirt, grease and odours. They continue to work after application, therefore minimising the frequency and effort of cleaning and reducing wear and tear.

“The body of evidence linking traditional cleaning products to both environmental and health hazards continues to grow. A large study commissioned by Asthma UK identified a link between professions such as hotel cleaners – where the use of products with high concentrations of chemicals is common – and the development of asthma in adults. It concluded that approximately one in six cases of adult onset asthma could be due to occupational exposures, providing a clear case for extra care to be taken by employers of those working in jobs with high-risk exposure to hazard substances.

“Some contractors have yet to adopt an environmentally responsible biological cleaning process because they believe it to be more expensive. While it is true that biological cleaners tend to be more expensive on a per litre basis due to higher raw material costs, they can provide a much larger return on investment in the long run. Firstly, they reduce labour costs by continuing to clean after application so cleaning isn’t needed as frequently. Secondly, their less abrasive nature means assets and infrastructure aren’t being corroded by chemicals and hence will not need replacing as they would with chemical cleaning. Thirdly, and certainly not lastly, they protect staff and guests’ wellbeing. Biological cleaners have been scientifically demonstrated to provide better long term control of harmful bacteria compared to disinfectant chemicals on four indicator micro-organisms Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas species and Candida albicans.

“Taking all these factors into account, it is remarkable that there are still companies in the hospitality industry that are risking employees’ and customers’ health by using harsh chemical cleaning solutions. I think with a little education, we could see a huge revolution in the hospitality sector very soon.”

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