Gen Z and Millennials Flock to Restaurants Weekly, Data from New Lightspeed UK Dining Habits Survey Reveals

Global point of sale software provider shares key UK consumer insights on dining habits and preferences.

Lightspeed, a leading provider of omnichannel point of sale software, solutions and support systems for over 51,000 independent retailers and restaurants, today revealed several key discoveries regarding dining habits and preferences in the UK.

Lightspeed developed the 2019 UK Dining Habits Survey with key findings including:

  • Generation Z and millennials would rather dine out: 39% of people under age 35 eat out at least once a week. Of those who dine out at least once a month, nearly half (49%) were 45 and older.
  • Half of the respondents agree that the greatest factor in their dining experience is good food: This was followed by 30% who believed a combination of customer service, price and speed were required to elicit a positive review.
  • Generation Z and millennials are most likely to reach for their wallets: Nearly half of those (49%) who spend over £250 per month are under 35 and 61% identify as male. Of all surveyed, 82% spend at least £100 per month.
  • Pubs are popular, but food markets are trending: 48% of all surveyed most often eat at pubs and half are over the age of 45. At 63%, Generation Z and millennials are flocking to food markets.

With this data, Lightspeed provides restaurateurs key insights such as consumer spending tendencies, where they like to dine, factors affecting their choices, and more. These results help restaurateurs create customer experiences that align with their target market.


The 2019 Dining Habits Survey polled approximately 1,000 consumers in the UK, with the goal of generating a deeper understanding of consumers’ dining behaviour and preferences.