Dina Foods’ Exclusive Paninette®

Dina Foods’ versatile two-layer Paninette® flatbread is much in demand as it offers an on-trend combination of authenticity and provenance all in one vegetarian-friendly and high-quality flatbread.

Dina Foods’ Paninette® flatbread is incredibly unique, it can be used as a wrap or as a pocket to include many delicious fillings.  The Paninette® is a healthy, versatile and convenient option for sandwiches.

Trademarking this product proved to be a smart move as consumers increasingly seek out interesting sandwich carriers and the food-to-go market becomes crowded with me-too products.  When Mediterranean foods supplier Dina Foods first launched Paninette® it trademarked the name to protect the innovative product.

Dina Foods uses a bespoke flour mix for Paninette®, milled in the French style and baked in a stone oven to create this unique two-layer Mediterranean flatbread. This gives a light and delicate texture and a soft, flexible bread, which is presented in a disc shape.

Dina Foods Assistant General Manager Wilda Haddad explains: “We make Paninette® with an exclusive blend of French flours, specially milled for us, and then baked in our traditional stone ovens. They can be served alongside traditional Lebanese mezze, used as a meal accompaniment or a tear and share bread.  Paninette® is as much in demand in supermarkets in a retail pack, as in the foodservice sector for use as a convenient sandwich wrap, for example.”

London-based Dina Foods also supplies a wide range of other authentic wholemeal, white and seeded flatbreads, wraps and pitta breads, alongside the best-selling Paninette® flatbread.

Dina Foods launched the UK’s first two-layer flatbread with major retailers two decades ago, and pioneered Lebanese specialities such as falafel and baklawa in this country.