Prepare Your Business’ Facility for Winter

As the cooler weather approaches, the changing weather conditions can have a detrimental effect on your business’ facility. From frozen pipes to broken roof tiles, there are many issues which can arise over the winter period, and MSL Property Care Services Ltd want to give their top tips for preparing your facility for winter.

Implement a Planned Maintenance Schedule

A planned maintenance schedule can help your business stay ahead of any potential issues by conducting regular inspections. These inspections will outline any areas where maintenance is necessary and allow for required repairs prior to the problems escalating. Planned maintenance can be arranged outside of work hours, so as not to disrupt the day to day running of the business which will reduce business downtime.

Jeremy Harrison, Managing Director of MSL Property Care Services Ltd says “A planned approach to your property’s maintenance, ahead of seasonal changes in the weather, can prove to be cost effective. Planned maintenance can significantly reduce business interruption arising from damage to your property caused by the weather and is therefore highly recommended for business owners.”


Outdoor Maintenance

Maintaining the outside of a facility is imperative for ensuring the comfort and security of the indoors. During the cooler months, adverse weather can lead to a variety of issues in your building. In order to stay ahead of potential damage, the following should be assessed.

  • Pipes

Issues with drainage, heating and water supply can occur as the cooler weather freezes pipes and causes them to burst. Ensuring pipes are checked on a regular basis and insulating them will help identify any issues which can be rectified before they escalate.

  • Roofing

Cracks forming, deterioration and breakages to roof tiles can be common during cooler weather, and an increase in snow and ice can cause further damage. Checking your roof will help to protect the integrity of the building.

  • Landscaping

The land surrounding your property should also be assessed, with trees and large bushes being pruned to prevent falling branches causing damage.

  • External brickwork

The external brickwork should be assessed for any signs of damage which can reduce the integrity of the building, as adverse weather can lead to existing cracks to grow. 


Indoor Maintenance

  • Heating systems

Heating is an important asset during winter, helping to keep employees comfortable and the work place a reasonable temperature. Its important that heating systems are regularly maintained and checked for potential issues to prevent business downtime should a fault occur.

  • Windows and doors

In order to keep your building comfortable, windows and doors should be checked for any gaps which can lead to warm air escaping and the cooler air from the outdoors getting in. These gaps can lead to a higher heating bill and greatly reduce your buildings energy efficiency.

  • Insulation

As the cooler weather approaches, it’s a good time to top up on your facility’s insulation. This will help to not only increase the energy efficiency of your building but can also be combined with pipe insulation to prevent freezing.

  • Ventilation

A lack of ventilation can lead to increasing condensation during cooler months, which in turn can be highly detrimental to a building. Condensation is one of the biggest causes of damp, which can cause major problems for your building’s integrity. It’s important to ensure your building is well ventilated in preparation for the cooler period. 


Stay Ahead

In order to ensure your business continues to function as normal throughout the winter months, its imperative you take steps to stay ahead of the adverse weather. Maintenance plans and preventative actions can help your business to function effectively without disruption.