Sleepeezee’s Hotel Classic 1000

Sleepeezee’s Hotel Classic 1000 is the ideal mattress for any hospitality environment. Boasting superior firm support, and naturally comfortable and hypoallergenic fillings such as wool and cotton, the Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 is guaranteed to offer guests a superior night’s sleep.

With 1,000 pocket springs, the Hotel Classic 1000 responds to guests’ movements throughout the night, ensuring they are correctly supported to allow them to wake-up feeling refreshed and revitalised. The individually pocketed springs will also work to isolate movements – this ensures that if two guests are sharing the bed, both will enjoy the correct level of support for their personal sleeping position, and if one partner is tossing and turning, the other partner’s sleep will not be disturbed. Thanks to the firm-feeling tension, the mattress will provide comfort and support for guests of any body shape or size.

Generously filled with layers of rebound cotton mix and polyester wool mix, the Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 will work to naturally regulate the body temperature of guests while they sleep. The fibres will also work to wick moisture away from the body throughout the night, before releasing it into the air through the built-in vents. The vents will additionally circulate fresh air throughout the mattress fillings every time the guest tosses or turns. This will maintain a clean and hygienic sleeping surface for new guests to enjoy – especially important when you consider that the average person can lose up to half a pint of moisture each night.

Finished with a hand tufted, woven damask cover and edge to edge support for added strength and durability, the Hotel Classic 1000 will always maintain its shape and offer longevity. Because it is double sided, the Hotel Classic 1000 can also be flipped using the strong fabric handles – regularly turning a mattress ensures even wear so that the natural fillings are always evenly distributed for a smooth sleeping surface.

Specially engineered to meet the demanding requirements of any hospitality environment, the Hotel Classic 1000 is CRIB 5 Fire certified. Overwise known as Ignition Source 5, CRIB 5 Certification demonstrates that the Hotel Classic 1000 has been specifically tested to pass the UK Fire Regulations 1988 – this dramatically reduces the risk of ignition during a fire, so will give hoteliers and their guests piece of mind.

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