What UK Pub and Restaurant Owners Are Doing to Make and Save More Money

Thinking ‘outside the bar’ will not only improve company morale but, as today’s leading UK venues have proven, it will boost revenue and increase savings. TouchBistro, a leading EPOS system designed for the food and beverage industry, share some tasty tips.

Collaborate with Local Businesses

Tap Takeovers: This American-imported idea sees breweries taking over pubs for a limited time, allowing the customers to test (and fall in love with) a new product. Step it up a notch by showcasing these craft beers on your EPOS system. Simple, yet super effective.

Food Vans-Meet-Beer Gardens: Bring street food to where you know it will be appreciated most: a busy beer garden full of hungry customers. This is a great and simple way to introduce food to your outdoor experience. An ice cream stand, toasties or vegan food, your customers are less likely to move on if they’ve got options.

Support Local Art: Liven up your venue’s walls with local artwork. Displaying paintings by local artists stirs curiosity and adds unique character to your venue – plus, you’ll be giving back to your community.

Ignite Innovation

Crack into Tap Rooms: Serve beer? Why not make it as well? Small batch beer is cost-effective and easily stored. It’s also great for experimentation and attracts a younger crowd. Open your own taproom, then drive repeat business with a loyalty program to reward your customers. Sometimes, historical inspiration breeds the best innovation.

Wine Tastings: Are your customers up to date on wine trends? Teach them the difference between organic, biodynamic, and natural wines by hosting a wine tasting night. Bring in a sommelier and include a digital wine menu on your mobile EPOS that servers can showcase from table to table. Think dazzled taste buds and an overall community feel.

Bartending Classes: Customer engagement is a big part of innovation today. By hosting bartending classes you’ll be involving your community in an educational, interactive activity that will help boost your overall brand awareness and brand power with those who participate and/or hear about the event.

Embrace Technology

Integrated Payments: Improve your customer experience, reduce errors and lost revenue by introducing a one-step payment process. Integrated payment solutions work directly with your EPOS system. Allow your staff to take payments at the table (even if it’s in the beer garden) and close the bill without returning to the bar.

Cyber Online Table Booking: Instant online reservations are all the rage. Hook up your restaurant system to meet this demand and you’ll surprise your host with a fully booked, yet smoothly run rush hour.

EPOS System: As we’ve seen, creative business solutions in this industry have to involve a few key ingredients:

  • Going above and beyond the norm
  • Fast, reliable and interactive service
  • Community involvement
  • Adaptable, updated technology

While a fresh idea begins the process, the right technology can bring all these aspects together. As we’ve seen, this is what is required to create a memorable, refreshing and truly successful business in the modern-day food industry – and all that potential is right at your fingertips.