Want to reduce waste and save money behind the bar? It’s time to turn to tech… By Jeff Singer, Commercial Manager of Beer Piper

“At a time when British hospitality managers and beer brand owners have to watch the pennies and meet strict targets, reducing beer waste and keeping a good draught pint can be crucial to success.

“Beer Piper is the UK’s market-leading beer line cleaning company. Established over 30 years ago, we provide a second-to-none service and the most advanced technological systems in the world to ensure that our customers can reduce waste and save money.

“In fact, our own data shows that the average landlord or bar manager can reduce loss by 16 pints and save around £56 per week if their beer lines are cleaned quickly and effectively. 

“Beer Piper offers the very latest in advanced technology, which ensures the beer lines are cleaned at regular intervals with environmentally-friendly chemicals. Our most recent BP4 machine also logs when and who cleans the lines, and features cloud-based tech and a mobile app, which allows bar managers and brewers to access real time data as and when they need to.”

“We work with a huge number of landlords and hospitality owners, and the feedback is always positive when our systems have been implemented. Recently, the landlord of an award-winning CAMRA pub in Surrey said: “The Beer Piper system is quick, easy and keeps wastage to an absolute minimum. Instead of wasting beer I can sell it to a customer then clean the pipes whilst they drink their beer. The system is good value for money, saves wastage and saves time and the beer tastes perfect every time.”

“Additionally, we are currently working with a number of successful craft beer brands, including BrewDog, and Seven Bro7hers in Manchester. Craft beer is definitely a growth area for us, as so much time and passion go into these beers by incredibly talented brewers. This can be ruined in seconds by a draught system that’s not properly maintained, and – at the same time- they have tight margins and every penny counts. Installing a high-tech system that reduces waste, saves money and provides real time data is a no brainer.”

To find out how Beer Piper can make a powerful difference to your business, visit www.beerpiper.co.uk