A revolution in accelerated cooking

Marren are a UK distributor for the first high performance packaging to be used in accelerated ovens.

Currently, disposable packaging is used for cooking in these types of ovens.  This limits the operation to a maximum temperature of 400°F (205°C) and a restricted cooking time.

SIX500 is the only packaging that can withstand temperatures of 525°F (273°C) for up to six minutes. The design of this product delivers many commercial benefits.

  • Shorter cooking times for a more efficient operation
  • Effective moisture and heat resistance
  • A contact surface for clean, easy release of food once cooked
  • Quick to cool and handle, for staff and customers
  • Sealed for allergen control

Throughout the cooking process, the quality of the ingredients is maintained, whether cooked from frozen, chilled or thawed conditions. Customers can enjoy food that is produced with the right consistency and texture.

As part of the development phase, different food combinations were tested. The aim was to support as many dietary requirements as possible, while eliminating potential allergen contamination.

The packaging is available in four different series – bowl, entrée, side, pan and in a range of sizes. Which means there is plenty of scope for recipe development and portion sizing.

Marren are leaders in the service and support of accelerated cooking technology. They have a fleet of nationwide service technicians who pride themselves on a ‘first time fix’ operation.

Realising the potential of this product at an early stage, Marren are one of only a few UK distributors of SIX500.

Malcom Skinner, Operations Director at Marren said: “We have over 30 years of experience in this market and view this product as a game changer. It will enable businesses to add variety and quality to their menus as well as offering more healthy food options.

“I believe this to be an incredibly exciting new development because of what you can now cook and serve in an accelerated oven. The price and availability only serve to increase its appeal.”

The food development expert, Alison Cullin-Woodcock, has been working with the SIX500 manufacturers. A development day, hosted by Alison, has been organised.

If you would like more details or to order a free sample simply visit our website. There is also a short video demonstrating the product in action.