Food Service Supplier Speciality Breads launches the all-plant Eden Burger Bun

In celebration of the newly accredited Vegan Society trademarked on the 60+ range, Speciality Breads, the Kent-based Artisan Baker, has launched the Eden Burger Bun.

“This new bake cleverly includes a touch of potato to create a soft flavoursome crumb under a rich golden ‘soft top’ crust,” describes Simon Cannell, Managing Director of Speciality Breads.  “The bun performs admirably with relishes and sauces and we expect it to be a big hit alongside the fantastic beetroot, jack fruit, chick pea and other plant-based burgers we’re seeing.  Each bun weighs 90g and is packed 45 to a case.”

“The number of people adopting a plant-based diet has increased considerably over the last few years and all caterers are looking for ways to enhance the range they provide.  Reasons behind the choice to become vegan are varied but whatever the rationale, people like to know everything about the food they eat.”
“We have taken the time to investigate every ingredient throughout our entire supply chain to guarantee that our breads are 100% vegan but we have not compromised on quality, our breads remain absolutely premium. Our breads can be enjoyed by all, which helps our customers, in turn, keep their customers happy.”

George Gill, CEO at The Vegan Society, said:

“We are delighted to register breads by Speciality Breads Limited with our Vegan Trademark.  As a company, they have fully embraced the need to clearly demonstrate the true provenance and integrity of every ingredient.  Speciality Breads primarily supply the foodservice industry so we are delighted that such a broad range of breads carrying our Vegan Trademark will now be available in restaurants, hotels, pubs and staff canteens throughout the UK.”

The newly registered range comprises over 60 existing lines including ciabattas, focaccias, baguettes and sourdough including the new Eden Burger Bun. For the full list of The Vegan Society registered products please visit – or call 01843 209442