Barry Callebaut Beverages UK is anticipating a rise in sales of its popular Caprimo Crème Brûleé beverage ahead of the festive season as vending operators, and owners and managers in the HoReCa and ‘food to go’ markets, get fully prepared for Christmas.

The award-winning Caprimo Crème Brûleé offering has been a huge success for the company since its UK launch three years ago. Highlighting the breadth of the leading hot drinks manufacturer’s range and the versatility of its offering – the caffeine-free ‘dessert in a drink’ can be enjoyed hot or cold or used as a key ingredient in a range of puddings – the Caprimo Crème Brûleé was quickly identified as an innovative and indulgent pleasure drink that would appeal to a wide audience.

Sales director for Barry Callebaut Beverages UK, Tracy Southwell explains the surge in sales of the product during key periods: “There are certain drinks that lend themselves to particular occasions. At specific times of year, like Christmas, we are more open to indulgent products and we like to treat ourselves and to try new things. The Caprimo Crème Brûleé is a safe bet for our vending and foodservice partners as it’s a recognised popular favour that has been tried and tested and is provided by a trusted, quality brand.”

The Caprimo Crème Brûleé contains burnt sugar amongst its high quality ingredients which gives the indulgent beverage its deep caramel taste and infuses it with the flavour made famous in classic French cuisine.

The Caprimo range is designed to follow the newest consumer trends and taste sensations to present a unique experience from delightful ‘remakes’ of classics to exciting and unexpected novelties. Spanning from the traditional to the modern and leading with great value for money, consistent quality and stable operating functionality, the products in the range are a perfect fit for a whole host of different vending and foodservice partners.


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