Lightspeed empowers independent businesses in hospitality around the world, enabling hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and more to compete against the largest names in hospitality. Our goal is to give restaurants, F&B managers and hoteliers the best tools to build stronger relationships with the customers who form the core of their business. And in doing so, to bring cities to life.

Key Verticals

  • Full Service
  • Hotel
  • Quick service
  • Restaurants
  • Bar & club
  • Cafe

Key Features

  • Real-time ordering
  • Sleek tableside management
  • Staff management
  • Dynamic Self-Order menu management
  • Multi-store reporting
  • Kitchen Display

Adjustable floor plan

Your restaurant is never too busy for Lightspeed Restaurant. Update your floor plan in real time to accommodate last-minute reservations and big groups.

Customisable menu

Build your menu in minutes and easily update it from anywhere so your staff are always up to date. Showcase to customers mouthwatering photos of your dishes and drinks that will make them order even more.

Staff reporting

Know what your staff are up to with Lightspeed Restaurant employee scheduling feature so you you know when they clock in and out. Schedule waiting staff and have the right amount of iPads & servers based on how many diners you are serving.

Customer profiles

Get to know your customers better with customisable profiles that let you know how often they visit, dietary requirements, or favorite items from the menu. Encourage your staff to offer a more personal service, providing your diners with the ultimate experience.

Timed promotions

Save your staff some time and add promotions directly into Lightspeed Restaurant. At any specified time, you can set prices to decrease or offer discounts and the system will revert back to the original when it’s over.

Self-Order menu

Our Self-Order menu app lets your customers place their own orders and send them directly to the kitchen so your staff can focus on what they do best.