Burstcatch gives pubs and clubs the solution to stamp out vandalism.

UK Hospitality businesses are facing an ever losing battle against vandalism in their venues. So keeping facilities in use and in good form is always difficult. Burstcatch offers the solution – A onetime installation guarantees you will never have to replace a damaged look again. Burstcatch is specially designed to ensure your doors operate perfectly under normal circumstances but when forced to almost breaking point Burstcatch releases the pressure to ensure the door lock and jamb aren’t damaged – it then resets automatically so the next customer will use the facilities as normal.  The Burstcatch will secure your investment in your toilet facilities.

Emergency situations

Burstcatch is also perfect for an emergency situation inside a cubicle meaning you can force the door open without the worry of damage to the lock or door to inspect the possible casualty quickly and easily. It’s easy to fit and works with the original lock, just by replacing the catch allowing you to benefit from cost and time saving from no more call outs to cubicle door and lock repairs.

Find about more on our web site where there are video demons plus fitting videos. Log onto www.burstcatch.co.uk or call 0151 608 8666