Bake your way to a healthier you with STRIPPD’s brand new range of Protein Baking Mixes

Eating clean is the food movement of our time where drinking is down, exercise is up and polite is the new edgy.

Protein has become the most widely discussed nutrient and millennials are embracing ways to incorporate more protein into their healthy lifestyles.

British protein brand STRIPPD is trying to make the protein world simpler and tastier for anyone who wished to embraces a high protein lifestyle and have just launched a brand new range of Protein Baking Mixes & Protein Cookies. While protein shakes have boomed in popularity, health conscious consumer are looking for more ways to easily incorporate protein into their favourite snacks which is why the new range has been specifically designed to be easy to make (requiring very few additional ingredients), great tasting and packed full of protein whilst remaining stripped from unnecessary additives.

The brand new range of Protein Baking Mixes and Protein Cookies is available exclusively in Superdrug stores across the UK from September 2017.


Stockists: Available in Superdrug stores, on Superdrug Online and at

STRIPPD also has a range of great tasting Whey and Vegan clean protein powders and supplements. Utilising the benefits of South American plant extract Yerba Mate, a natural caffeine and immune booster, the lean proteins and capsules are designed to aid muscles repair and maintain healthier hair, skin and nails.