Bespoke Art Wall Coverings

Bespoke Art Wall Coverings are changing the way people can experience original art by moving it beyond the limits of the frame and canvas. Gracing the walls of any interior area with the beauty and originality of artwork by Susan Walsh provides a dramatic statement that can change the feel of a space instantly.

Walsh is truly an innovator in her exploration of colour and form, creating sensitive and unique images containing surprising depth and detail. This depth is truly apparent when the images become large scale, allowing the viewer to be drawn into the mesmerising energies they contain.  Bespoke Art Wall Coverings arose not only from Walsh’s desire to reach a wider audience for her work, but from the idea of wanting clients to become involved in the creative process and build a personal relationship with the images.

On the company website, Walsh “invites you to take a creative journey” where her unique idea of allowing her work to be cropped into, gives us an incredible gift of creating bespoke art for our own enjoyment but also allowing us to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of the professional artist behind the company.  It is important to Walsh that she still spends as much time in her Staffordshire studio as possible, continually developing her techniques to create images that can stir emotional responses and bring a fresh energy to the spaces they occupy.

The result is Bespoke Art Wall Covering’s range of wonderful images to choose from, with new images constantly becoming available as original paintings, canvas prints or wall coverings in paper or vinyl.  It is Walsh’s unique painting style that makes it possible to choose either the whole image or a selected area, providing a multitude of options from just one painting. The likelihood of the exact same image being reproduced by different designers, therefore, becomes increasingly rare.

Researching reliable methods of production has been a key aspect in developing the company, so whilst Bespoke Art Wall Coverings may be relatively new to the market, Walsh has been working hard for some time to ensure that the quality of the product reflects the emotion and skill she imbues in each image.  A recent public launch at a large trade fair in the UK showed an encouraging amount of interest from interior designers and Bespoke Art Wall Coverings are set to make a real impact on an exciting new market.