How to make £1,000s from your spare parking spaces

Empty spaces in your hotel car park? You’re missing out on a big opportunity. Your hotel could be tapping into a lucrative additional revenue stream by renting them out online.  Hundreds of hotels across the UK are using JustPark to drive yield from their car parking space – turning this underused asset into a hassle-free source of extra income.

So far, hotels have generated over £700,000 by leveraging JustPark’s network of 1 million registered drivers to fill their car parks during off-peak periods when guest demand is low. Making these spare spaces available to book via the company’s website and app, hotels are able to target a large audience of drivers with ease – and as it’s completely free to list on JustPark, any bookings add to your bottom line.


Parking spaces in high demand areas such as city centres, near train stations and close to airports fetch £40-50 per day – meaning earnings for hotels with a large amount of surplus car parking can be as high as £50,000 per year. JustPark manage the entire process for you – from listing your spaces and advertising them, to optimising your pricing tariff and processing payments. You’ll get a dedicated account manager too, so there is little to no extra effort on the part of your hotel staff.

To make sure hotels get the most from renting out their parking spaces, JustPark’s dynamic pricing model recommends prices based on driver demand data – suggesting low rates to encourage people to park during off-peak, and higher rates when spaces are in short supply. When implemented at hotels, the model increased average daily revenues through JustPark by up to 100%.

“JustPark has helped us generate extra revenue by delivering a constant stream of customers to our car park” says Luke Balcombe, Sales Manager at Hotel Indigo Newcastle. “Their straightforward sign-up process and uncomplicated T&C’s allowed us to quickly add an extra revenue source, without the hassle of multiple local car parking contracts.” Over 200 hotels and guest houses are already working with JustPark to turn their empty space into a valuable source of income – with industry partners including the likes of Marriott, Hilton, Premier Inn and Ibis.

For more information on how you can start maximising revenue from your hotel car park, head to JustPark’s hotels page – and find out how much your spare spaces could be worth.

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