The Music of Chocolate – play on…

Master Chocolatiers, Philippe Wall and Jean-Marie Dessard create a chocolate masterpiece at Speciality & Fine Food Fair


The centrepiece of this year’s Speciality Chocolate Fair at Olympia Grand, London – in just a few days (7th – 9th September) will be an iconic representation of Belgium’s contribution to fine living. The chocolate skills of the country, will meet with the instrument born in Belgium, the saxophone. At 11.15am on Sunday 7th September a Giant Chocolate Saxophone will be unveiled. The journey of its creation will be traced. This will be followed at 12pm, with an original composition written for the occasion, by the world authority on saxophones, Mark Archer.

From Napoleon to Olympia…
Antoine Joseph “Adolphe” Sax was born in Dinant, Wallonia, on 6th November 1814, as Napoleon made his final play for the Empire. He was an inventor, musician and instrument maker; following the path of his father. He invented the Saxophone and had it patented in 1846. He went on to develop and perfect his Saxophone, following his move to Paris, where he stayed until his death in 1894. 2014 will mark the bi-centenary of his death and so Dinant, where his musical journey began, is marking the celebratory year. The city is adorned with works of ‘saxophonic art’, created by local artist Pierre Henri de Frahan.

Putting the music into chocolate
The idea, inspired by the activities in Dinant, of Thierry Spierkel with collaborative input from John Carmichael and the chocolate artistry of Philippe Wall and Jean-Marie Dessard, have together put the music into chocolate. Their extravagantly designed Giant Chocolate Saxophone sculpture, will be taking centre stage at Speciality Chocolate Fair. Chocolate and Music will combine and resonate around the Grand Hall.
Do not miss this showpiece of Belgian culture on its trip to London…

Soraya Gadelrab, Event Director, commented; “Speciality Chocolate Fair is a spectacular visual display of culinary creativity. This year we are adding an audio element with the musical notes of the saxophone. We feel that this work of art will add even more to our 7th Speciality Chocolate Fair. We looking forward to seeing this marriage of music and chocolate live at the Fair on Sunday morning.”