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How to give your food and drink business a competitive advantage in 2024

Despite a number of significant market challenges including the cost of living crisis, Brexit and the remnants of Covid-19, new businesses have continued to crop up across the UK throughout 2023. In fact, the first half of the year saw 101 new businesses established every hour.

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KOPA details new range in rebranded catalogue

KOPA Grilling Solutions has published a stylish new catalogue detailing its full range of new and existing ovens, grills and accessories to help consultants and specifiers better understand the sizes, functionality and technical specifications relating to its equipment.

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Navigating Sustainable Seas: The Transformative Impact of AI on the Cruise and Hospitality Industry

The tourism industry is currently undergoing an exciting period of transformation and innovation, with a pace of change never seen before. The time between the emergence of new trends and technologies capable of changing the rules of the game or necessitating a comprehensive update to stay competitive is shrinking. One of the latest innovative disruptions that promises to reshape much of what we currently do in the tourism and hospitality sector is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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