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Strut and cluck

When I first heard about an only turkey restaurant I was not only intrigued but slightly sceptical, simply because I THOUGHT there wasn’t much you could do with turkey other than put cranberry on it.  I was very wrong!!

As I walked into Strut & Cluck on the bustling Commercial St at a stone’s throw away from the world famous Shoreditch I was taken in by the lively atmosphere & what seemed to be full of happy chatty friends enjoying the fabulous menu. The rustic but yet contemporary décor had a very homely feel with its quaint little touches, such as the uneven cutting in of the paint job. 

Get The Look And Feel Of A Real Fire Without The Heat

Dimplex Opti-Myst And Opti-V fires for hotels, bars and restaurants

Dimplex’s impressively realistic 3D flame and sound effects from the Opti-myst® and Opti-V® range of electric fires provide a year-round, fuss free way for hotels, bars and restaurants to gain the ambience of a real fire without the mess and safety concerns commonly associated with the naked flame.

The Dimplex Opti-myst effect, which has already proved popular in a variety of settings including hotels, restaurants, bars, domestic properties and even TV and theatre productions, uses a unique water mist based technology to create the illusion of real smoke and flames – an effect that truly has to be seen to be believed.

Love Coconut Water?

coco minerals is a natural coconut water powder, which makes for an ultra-hydrating and refreshing drink, ideal for anyone who participates in intense or frequent exercise and training.

Love Coconut Water?

coco minerals is a new and convenient powder form of the increasingly popular coconut water drink. Coconut water is the liquid formed naturally inside the shell of a coconut and is naturally packed full of vitamins and minerals it offers a great tasting way to rehydrate and is virtually fat free. Coconut water contains natural fruit sugars, making it a fantastic way to replenish energy stores and electrolytes lost during exercise and training.

Flexfurn launches two new modular design collections

Under the name X-Design Flexfurn, the Belgian manufacturer of folding and stacking furniture, is launching two new innovative product lines onto the market. The LAZE collection and the FLOW collection have three characteristics in common: they are light, extremely strong and modular. Moreover, they have been designed with the focus on attractive contemporary design and are suitable for outdoor use. They meet the market requirements of catering entrepreneurs, event organisers, offices, shopping centres, care institutions, etc. who are looking for affordable ergonomic and flexible design furniture. LAZE is a collection of seating furniture and FLOW is the table and bench collection. An outdoor version has been added to the popular KUBO collection. For the design of the new LAZE collection Flexfurn worked together with Boonen Design Studio. At the start of this year Frédéric Boonen received a Henry van de Velde Award with his Buggybooker as best product on the market.

Hadrian Cubicles Add To Shake Shack Style

Fast food chain Shake Shack sprouted from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan in 2001. All UK locations feature Hadrian Elite Stainless Steel toilet cubicles in the washrooms including one of the latest to open in the St David’s Centre in Cardiff. Hadrian cubicles are manufactured in Canada and distributed in the UK by Relcross Ltd, the Devizes based door and washroom hardware specialists.

How to enjoy all the benefits of natural flame lighting, without the hassle.

Candle light has always been the perfect way to create a relaxing, warm and intimate ambience. So it’s no wonder that the flickering of a natural flame has featured as the centrepiece for so long on so many restaurant tables.

HFE Signs

HFE Signs have a price match policy and will not be beaten on price for a ‘like for like’ product. If you do have a cheaper supplier or a cheaper quote, we will match or even beat it. And one thing for sure, the HFE service speaks for itself, please read our Trustpilot reviews!

Do you guarantee a good night’s sleep?

Sleep is a part of life, and crucially, one that consumers will pay big money for. As the mainstream media focusses on a sleep revolution, everyday people on the street are becoming more and more aware of the impact a good night’s sleep has on their lives. If you’re in the hospitality industry, this is great news. The revolution delivers a new angle with which to draw guests in: the guarantee of a good night’s sleep. Those hotels that can deliver on this promise are certain to see customers returning again and again, in search of the holy grail of a decent night’s sleep.

Unleash the Power Behind the Payment

Zapper has been disrupting the hospitality industry for the last 18 months, encouraging more and more customers to dine and dash using its simple scan and pay app. Now users can go completely cardless. The end is nigh for countless loyalty cards clogging up your wallet as Zapper launches its innovative stamp-style in-app loyalty platform.

Smart Fire UK provides heating solutions

Smart Fire UK is one of the countries top interior and exterior-heating providers, known for the quality and beauty of its products. It is the sole British distributor for Bromic Heating and EcoSmart bio ethanol fires. Bromic Heating is revolutionising the way we think about outdoor heating solutions through their unique and innovative design. Aesthetic appeal remains at the core of what the Bromic heaters are about, and their focus on quality means they are some of the worlds most in demand outdoor heating products.